Irresistible Undies
Luxury Lingerie start-up We are a U.S.-based lingerie start-up focused on serving the growing market for luxury lingerie in Kenya. We design, manufacture, and retail high-end women?s intimate apparel. We are seeking $150,000 from investors in exchange for 15% ownership of the company?s equity. The investment will be used to (i) produce the collection and (ii) launch a pop-up store in one of the most popular malls in NR. The current market for high-end lingerie in NR consists of one or two shops in each of the 5 most popular malls in the city, almost all of which are owned by the same company. These shops carry a mix of lingerie, most of which are manufactured by third party labels and the majority of which do not meet the need for luxury products. Also, each of the stores is under 1,000 sf with limited ability to stock and display a variety of selections for the consumer. Our goal is to provide Kenyan consumers with an upscale shopping experience that offers more options for lingerie of a better quality.