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IrisVision is a breakthrough wearable headset that allows the vision impaired, including those living with macular degeneration, to see clearly and live fully. IrisVision is the only affordable and comfortable low vision headset that allows the vision impaired to see better in nearly every setting – at home, school or work; at the store or library; at a museum, concert or sporting event; or even in the forest, hundreds of miles from civilization. Developed by leading vision scientists in the U.S., backed by top vision institutions such as the National Eye Institute (NEI) grant, and validated by eye specialists at John Hopkins University, IrisVision combines the latest mobile virtual reality (VR) system and a customized smartphone to provide an industry-best 70° field of view with an adjustable magnified IrisBubble™ view. With IrisVision’s powerful magnification capabilities, low vision patients can finally see the faces of loved ones, watch television, read books, and take back their independence, bringing the fullness of life back into focus.
Location: United States, California, Pleasanton
Member count: 51-200
Phone: (855) 449-4536
Founded date: 2017

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