OpenGenus Foundation

OpenGenus Foundation
Our goal is to help secure Humanity's future by preparing for an offline world and making everyone understand Computing ideas. Our focus is to help everyone get on track understanding Computer Science concepts and bring back the computing future of Humanity to glory. We are working on several projects with companies to drive this mission. One of our driving mission is to prepare for an offline world as a majority of humanity is still not connected using stable internet connection. We have developed systems to facilitate progress in such environments. Our online internship program ( is designed to help everyone get started with programming and computing research at scale. Some of our open-source projects are focused in this direction and has over 1000 contributors worldwide. ⇨ Join us at ★ ✉ Get in touch with us at ★ Other social media profiles: ■ Twitter: ★ ■ Facebook: ★ ■ Instagram: ★
Location: Japan, Shinjuku
Member count: 501-1000
Founded date: 2014

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