Connecting the World through knowledge OpenGenus Foundation is an open-source non-profit organization that aims to enable people to work offline for a longer stretch of time and makes learning on the web more effective. We have been sponsored by Discourse, DigitalOcean and GitHub and have been selected as a mentor organization at Rails Girls Summer of Code. Some of our projects include Cosmos, Quark, Cosmos Search, OpenGenus IQ and Discuss. Cosmos is the largest algorithmic data-store and has a contributor base of over 800 contributors. Quark is the World's first offline search engine. Cosmos Search is our code search engine that takes into account the fact that 90% of the searches made by every generation is same. OpenGenus IQ is one of the most effective learning platforms developing through crowd-sourcing and experimentation. OpenGenus Discuss is a platform through which we are promoting discussions and thereby, moving searching to discussing. We are working on several other exciting projects.
Member count: 501-1000