IOTA - Smart technology
IOTA is smart technology created by a group of dreamers to find a solution to save energy - Iota has created a device to control the resources of the electricity and the equipment with low and high current, and also have sensors for (fire, gas). - we are working to establish software (website + Mobile app) to be the platform of Our services, it will be able to tell you is the device on or off, who use it, the number of users that the owner allows them to control. - We are work on any system (Alexa, google home, blynk) and through our software. And what in the market they are compatible just with the popular software. - It's working with buttons and commands recognition you can use your own language and it fits with all the languages and dialects. - Also, you can put the timer to close or open one of all the sources that you want, and you can make a daily routine on a specific time to wake you up at the morning with a hot coffee and warm kitchen - And you can activate the reminder to tell you which sources are working to be sure that you don?t forget anything.
Member count: 1-10