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Resilient and intelligent IoT for harsh and rigorous environments With just a few hand size devices interconnected with the IoT sensors, the Army and other Defense agencies will enhance measurement, assessment, and optimization of training activities. We help improve the training experiences, the training outcomes, training environment, and overall health and safety of all those involved. Devices connect to thousands of sensors, provide connectivity in high interference conditions (metal rich, urban, dense forest, long ranges, etc), and have analytics closest to the sensors. A2/AD MIL-SPEC mountable or wearable devices fuse tactical data networking, sensors, edge compute, analytics, and cybersecurity. Built in edge computing enhances situational awareness and network optimizations, with immersive data visualization options. IoT/AI helps migrate from static or manual monitoring to more dynamic, near real time/real time, and multi-sensory physiological and exposure monitoring of the trainee, the training environment, and the overall training cycle.
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