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IONTOX is a contract research lab supporting and providing a unique and more predictive in vitro toxicity screening approach designed to improve the drug discovery process. The company has designed and developed innovative products for in vitro assessment of chemical and pharmaceutical adverse effects. Our initiatives have led to the development of IONTOX?s Human Dynamic Multiple Organ Plate (HuDMOPTM). HuDMOPTM is a meso-scale multiple organ culture plate linked with micro-fluidics that has the capability to provide key information on a compound?s systemic toxicity. When combined with markers of cell health HuDMOPTM will provide compound data for absorption, distribution, metabolism, and toxicity in humans. IONTOX offers the following services using Single Organ Models or Multiple Organ Models: Predicting In Vivo Toxicity_ MultiEndPoint, Comparative Toxicity_ FastTox, ADME-PK, Renal Toxicity Screening, RHE Testing_ Dermal Corrosion, Dermal Irritation, Ocular Irritation.
Location: United States, Kalamazoo
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