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Invisible Toys is a part of software development company IT Craft comprised of experienced AR/VR enthusiasts. Being a special department, Invisible Toys laser focuses on Augmented and Virtual Reality technology for toys and games industry as well as for publishing, eLearning, and marketing. Invisible Toys develops AR/VR apps for: - kids - education - publishers - digital agencies - fun Invisible Toys team focuses on how to deliver the technical side of your Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality project while you can focus on the most essential part: what to deliver. We help you launch an engaging app letting end users—kids and grown-ups—discover the most exciting AR and VR experiences on their devices. Just tell us what you want and see the amazing things our AR/VR development team can do!
Location: Germany, Berlin
Member count: 201-500
Phone: +49 1523 7779846