Connects individuals for a mutually beneficial purpose InterJoin provides a professional networking platform which connects users to others within the same chosen criteria(s), for a mutual beneficial experience. Users can opt to connect with individuals with a certain skill base or experience and make connections. These connections will allow you to interact on the platform and exchange a service which you possess for something in return. As well as this, single directional transactions are also available, where you opt to hire talent on the website to do a service for you if nothing can be exchanged in return. Additionally, the platform possesses groups and criteria specific communities, where users can interact and gain knowledge and experience from others wanting to deepen their knowledge on the same expertise. These communities feature high profile guests which can pass on their knowledge to members of that group or community. Finally, InterJoin is looking to expand into the educative sector, where InterJoin Teach, a new extension to the platform will be developed. This allows users to create an account, as a teacher or a learner. Learners will then be able to connect to teachers around the globe and opt for a form of online tutoring or teaching lesson. This allows the company to exploit the saturated face to face tutoring market and provide a more efficient and convenient alternative, and access to a wider range of educative talent optionality.
Member count: 1-10