Safer mobile communication solution for schools Inappropriate exchanges between school faculty and students, spurred from unsupervised text messages and social media, has become a global problem. Statewide mandates have been enacted and many school districts have banned the use of the aforementioned channels to try to solve this issue. InteractWith lets faculty members share critical mass or personalized information about their program through their own Portal on our app, without sharing phone numbers. A Portal is like a faculty member?s homepage found in the InteractWith app. The teacher or coach sends an invitation to email addresses. Students and/or parents can then access this Portal by logging into their Personal Account on our app. What makes us unique from other school messaging systems is our Enterprise risk management tools for administrators. It gives them permissioning controls, language recognition alerts, transparency, and reporting on what is exactly shared through the app to manage risk and limit liabilities.
Member count: 1-10