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In the confusing and sometimes opaque world of insurance, Insurance Market acts as the pathfinder for consumers to find the insurance best suited to their needs. As an online insurance broker, Insurance Market brings customers a reliable, smooth digital insurance experience, offering personalised choice, clarity, convenience and control. We guide customers to those policies that are most suitable to their needs, we compare them against similar policies for pricing and coverage and let customers transact online and be covered within minutes. Our rigorous rating model and algorithms do the analysis and numbers crunching, better than any person can do, but the human touch is there when needed. We make the whole insurance selection, buying and management process simple and quick. Insurance Market is digitally connected with 15+ insurers and makes that connectivity available to other insurance distributors as well, making it a hub in contemporary digital insurance distribution.
Location: Singapore
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +65 6908 1811
Founded date: 2014

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