The Divide - Play and Feature Film
"The Divide" - An Amazing Controversial New Play and Feature Film Looking for investors/financiers to assist in raising production finance to tour "The Divide" in Europe and the USA and finance the feature film: ?The Divide? is a romantic tragedy comedy. Professor Radcliff is a very complex character who has a shady past which we only learn when he gets a visit from FBI Special Agent Harry Matthews. He spent his student days in San Francisco which gave him that sharp razor radical outlook which is frowned upon by Matthews and the FBI. Fighting the fallout from a difficult divorce Radcliff has taken a fondness to late night drinking on his own in his office. The play will get the audiences thinking but it is love story that inspires for a happy result, we however know, deep down disaster (as Michael predicts) is waiting around the corner and the play?s ending will certainly leave you speechless. Dealing with the topics within the play will create more needed room for debate and discussion as well as entertaining and amusing audiences worldwide.