Changing the world, one story at a time! Our vision is to further the social cohesion of humanity by gaining a deeper understanding of each others? lives through film. We produce short-documentary films featuring ?Everyday Local Heroes? from around the globe. Some of these heroes are identified by public votes, and some are directly chosen by our team or sponsors. Our unique production method lets us create premium quality short documentaries with an unmatched ?micro-budget?. A typical INSPIREFLIX documentary is shot in a single day by a single local-to-the-story filmmaker. The end result is a film that not only inspires its audience but goes on to win awards at various film festivals. FUNDING: We help global charitable organisations to capture content from all around the globe and do it ethically. We always hire local-to-the-story filmmakers and pay them no less than the Australian market rate, even if we're shooting in a lower socioeconomic region. Profits from these paid projects are then used to film everyday heroes.
Member count: 1-10