Platform that Digitizes Organizational Processes for Inspections, Assessments, Screenings Inspectify is a platform that digitizes organizational processes for inspections, assessments, screenings, and health protocols (including a Covid-19 screening process). Inspectify has been designed to be highly configurable for the client while providing a foundation for safety culture, risk/hazard assessment and risk mitigation for industrial companies such as construction trades. From an administration perspective the app can be customized to include various types of inspection forms. These forms can be customized and saved for different jobs, different locations, different clientele and once completed can be exported to a PDF report. In an employee?s hands Inspectify can guide them through their inspection guaranteeing nothing gets missed or forgotten with date and time stamped photos included in the App and Due Diligence OHS records saved for incidents or audits.
Member count: 1-10