InRepublic - Advertising Network
inRepublic - is a marketplace for Digital INDOOR and OUTDOOR advertising inRepublic - is a marketplace for Digital INDOOR and OUTDOOR advertising. An example is Uber and Airbnb, both are marketplaces for people who spend and for people who earn. The main idea behind our platform is to bring together advertisers and advertising location owners. Advertisers get a quick and easy way to buy an advertisement on digital screens with flexible settings at their own budget. Location owners get a handy tool for managing their advertising locations and moderating advertising content. InRepublic lets you advertise on Digital screens in a few clicks, it is as easy as posting a picture on Instagram. InRepublic also lets you search for any other advertising outlets, such as billboards, bus shelters, advertising on building, inside of buildings, on taxi as well as inside taxis, on trucks and etc. You can purchase all your advertising needs directly on our website. We are currently on early-stage but improving every day. Our platform is eligible to work worldwide, currently, it works in the USA and Ukraine. Uniqueness A symbiosis of free software and marketplace that has provided a large selection of advertising locations for advertisers as well as leads and modern automation for digital display owners. A new and modern approach to broadcast digital ads that allows you to buy impressions rather than a place in an ad unit. Business model The basis of the business model of the platform is the commission for each advertisement submitted. up to 10% for self-serving using our platform (location owner finds an advertiser) 25% - for advertisement submitted by the advertiser on their own (platform finds advertiser)
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $100K