Inofab Health helps both patients and enthusiasts of respiratory health to better understand, track, and proactively manage their lung health using a powerful digital health platform. Spirohome spirometers guarantee clinical-grade accuracy with every test, and the Spirohome app makes spirometry clear, quick and convenient for all users. Access to daily spirometry by patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD or cystic fibrosis can significantly improve the management of their diseases. Regular monitoring of lung health parameters can help reveal the effectiveness of treatments, make early detection of disease progression possible and help patients avoid unnecessary hospital visits. Incorporating advanced ultrasonic sensor technology, Spirohome spirometers precisely detect the quality and reliability of spirometry results.
Location: Turkey, Central Anatolia Region, Çankaya
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $1.502M
Founded date: 2014

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06.01.2021Series A$1.502M--