Found and Fund innovative companies ?At INNOVA8, we believe the future is built, not discovered. We work every day to create the future where we want to live. Our goal We have a one goal: partner with you, the world?s best entrepreneurs, to build an amazing company. Entrepreneurs are the most powerful change agents on the planet. So from day one, you have seasoned co-founders by your side, access to world-class resources (engineering, design, HR, legal, finance, IT). Together we ideate, research, prototype, validate, and fund ideas within weeks. Not months. Who you are You either have the next big idea, or are an entrepreneur looking for it. You?ve started companies in the past or you?ve always wanted to. You?ve always been hungry. You?re ready for your next challenge. And you?re looking for a co-founder. Work with us ?The best way is to get introduction to a member of our team. Or, you can contact us at From there, let us know what you?re interested in and we?ll either keep you top of mind for an opportunity that matches your skill-sets, or ask you to come onboard as one of our Founders in Residence.
Member count: 1-10