Innovative Energy Solutions InnoGen is an energy solutions company dedicated to bringing innovative, practical, and affordable power generation systems to the consumer and commercial markets, and to increase the global standard of living by bringing life-changing energy solutions to those who need it most. Our first product, the X200 Power-Hub, is a Portable Energy System that gives you the freedom to charge mobile devices, electronics, and even small appliances - anywhere, anytime. It can be charged from a wall outlet or a car charger, as well as from renewable sources like personal solar panels or wind turbines. Most impressively, the X200 can be charged at a moment?s notice using the powerful, built-in 100 Watt hand crank generator by turning the crank at a comfortable 60 RPM - manageable even for children or the elderly. The X200?s built-in generator is crafted from our own patent pending & proprietary design.
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