Infrastructure Republic
Internet infrastructure as a service We operate a few startups in the Internet domain like: ? helps large businesses offer Internet infrastructure as a service to their customers. Our platform business automation allows businesses to provide their customers end to end solutions for setting up and running a successful business online. Infrastructure Republic customers include Internet Access Providers, VOIP, Telcos, SaaS Application Vendors, Domain Registries, ICANN accredited Registrars, Domain Registrars, large Hosting companies. ? allows small to medium businesses sell high revenue web infrastructure products. Our platform allows businesses reduce their operational expenses by automating processes for their Sales, Marketing, Billing and Support Teams. ? sells web infrastructure products like Domain Names, DNS, SSL certificates, Firewall, Content Delivery Networks, PCI Compliance. Our customers include Reliance,Tata, IDBI, Edelweiss Capital, Big Cinemas.
Member count: 11-50