Google Analytics for all video channels on the web Influency is a tool for anyone interested in running video marketing campaigns or analysing data and channels? performance on the most popular video platforms. Built from a need by people involved in the industry for many years, we believe that it will help people make even better business decisions based on sophisticated data presented in a well-structured and easy-to-read form. What?s important to know? - we cover Twitch (already present in-app) and YouTube (on-demand analytics) - we have covered more than 1.5M channels which are already available to browse in our app - we refresh data about covered channels every single minute to present the most accurate information - we categorise all channels by content language, average viewership, max viewership, game played or just a name of the channel - we run in-depth analysis of aggregated data to present growth and decline in viewership and show the most relevant information to the decision-makers
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