Infinita Lab accelerates R&D by streamlining and managing material testing end-to-end. We help solve difficult engineering problems fast, at a lower cost, and hasslefree. As a marketplace, we bring access to thousands of materials testing labs from metrology to material property and finished product testing. Popular tests are TEM, SIMS, Profilometry, XRF, Nondestructive Testing, Electrical Testing, Chemistry Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Vibration Testing, Humidity Testing, Accelerated Aging, etc. Our clients come from Semiconductor, Advanced Materials, Batteries, Solar, Nanotechnology, Additive Manufacturing, Coatings, Adhesives, LED, Display, MEMS, etc., industries. Infinita Lab delivers hasslefree materials testing and analysis with, 1. Average 30% Cost Savings 2. 100% Confidentiality Guarantee 3. Free, No-obligation Consultation 4. 100% Customer Satisfaction
Location: United States, California, Saratoga
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 650-561-6575
Founded date: 2019