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In todays world, technology advances at such a fast rate that people forget the things that really matter, the parts of a device that have created the memories, the laughs and the joy. At InfinCase we’re passionate to take and enhance those features so that the user experience is as it should be.

The brand name ‘InfinCase’ derives from endless possibilities, but we don’t want to make that cliché anymore overused than it already is, infinity has lost its power and so has the word infinite, and we know that there is only so much one can do to enhance the user experience which was where ‘Infin’ was born. The logo symbolizes the act of almost infinite, but with its limits.

All of our products have been designed and engineered so that your life is made that little bit easier, you have the security of your phone having enough charge to last your whole day while using it how it was designed to be used.

That perfect photo moment that will capture a lifetime of memories which doesn’t exist because your phone runs out of storage space, our products gives you the peace of mind that you will never have that moment, when you need storage the most.

The time you’re on a long journey and everyone wants to watch something different, on their own device but you’re short on cellular and you don’t want that large bill from downloading movies on the go. This issue has gone. With out secure wireless storage module, the whole family can enjoy their own content on their own devices at the same time, without having to use any cellular data.

You’re on a camping trip and you need your phone to have just enough power to last for emergencies, but you have nowhere to charge. Use our solar panel module to provide unlimited power and have the security that your family is safe incase of an emergency.

We wanted to design a modular system so that you only have to buy what you need, when you need it. We’re not a corporate giant; we just have the passion to change what needs to be changed.

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