First Modular Phone Case Infincase allows you to have a slim phone case, while having the peace of mind that you have power and storage in your pockets for when you need them most. The modular design allows you to snap different modules onto the back of the phone - cable and hassle free, giving you the flexibility of effectively unlimited power and storage when you need it, and when you don't just snap it off and put it in your pocket or bag. This also allows for people to share one battery between two devices, allowing more than one person to keep their phone charged without having to bring an additional power bank or charging case. The storage module allows you to share and stream your memories, wherever you are allowing you to stay connected, even when you have no signal. Our target consumer is the younger audience and appealing to those who like to travel, or commute regularly. We have used an affordable price range to suit this audience, while still retaining good build quality that will last.