indyna? intelligence dynamics
Collaborative decision analysis software based on a forty-year-old CIA methodology indyna? sits at the intersection of Business Intelligence and Social Networking to help organizations achieve better and more collaborative results. indyna is a decision analysis and collaboration service, based on a forty-year-old CIA methodology. Our system of knowledge acquisition and assessment has been adapted from the United States Intelligence Community for use by businesses and professionals around the globe. indyna combines Business Intelligence (B.I.) and real-time collaboration tools into a wholly new and innovative product. indyna can be applied to all areas where groups gather information and formulate decisions. Finally, managers can easily and methodically form unbiased and rational decisions, detect disagreements among the participants to help guide discussion, and dramatically improve the decision-making process?all while reducing the risk of costly intelligence failures. indyna works as a service (SaaS) that you access via web browser on desktops, phones, or tablets.
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