Indie Campers aims to provide the freedom of movement and instil the pleasure of road travel, inspiring and connecting travellers worldwide with unforgettable European destinations. We are the largest campervan rental provider in Western Europe. Indie Campers owns an extensive fleet of several hundred vehicles spread across key travel hubs across continental Europe and the Mediterranean Islands. Our fleet includes 5 different models for travellers to choose from, according to individual needs and travel goals. We provide a range of personalised, unique and comfortable campervans, available for pick up and drop off in 63 locations across Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Corsica, Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. Our key strength stems from an impeccable customer experience, paired up with a seamless, lean and swift service. https://indiecampers.com/
Location: Portugal, Lisbon
Member count: 51-200
Phone: +351 308 800 759
Founded date: 2013

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