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Indian Legal Tech
Your gateway to discovering legal technology in India Independent platform covering the rising legal technology sector in India. Context and background: In the last decade, the legal industry witnessed a ton of innovation around the globe and with the help of modern technology, businesses and practices are inventing new ways to solve the most complex and nuanced legal problems. We believe India has a meaningful role to play in contributing to legal tech?s growth story ? because of its massive legal sector and technological prowess. However, as the interest in legal tech reaches an all-time-high and new applications become more ubiquitous in the legal sector, there also arises a need to comprehensively report, educate and inform the wider business and legal community about the trends, opportunities and challenges in legal tech. Yet, as it stands, there is no singular place or online publication in India where interested readers can find materials, commentary, and insights on this increasingly relevant field. Our mission is to be such a resource and become a core contributor to the development of the Indian legal tech space.
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