Goodbye ICO Scams. Hello Accountability Incremint is a hybrid escrow product combining the reliability and trustworthiness of a traditional escrow mechanism, with the automation and enhancements of smart-contract voting ("smart voting") and decentralized blockchain technology. Incremint enables issuers to custom define parameters and escrow a portion of funds raised in their ICO, subject to release when designated milestones have been met and approved by token holders. Incremint is not a middleman. Incremint is a self-regulatory system, professionally administered. Using Incremint, only a pre-agreed dollar amount or percentage of ICO proceeds passes through immediately to issuers at closing. The remainder is escrowed in a combination of crypto and fiat currencies. Issuers determine the split as required by their FX risk policies, and fiat is deposited with a reputable bank.
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