Income Movement

Income Movement
Grassroots movement for Universal Basic Income We're a people-powered, grassroots movements working to shift universal basic income from a radical idea to one that has widespread public acceptance. In the face of inevitable economic upheaval, we champion basic income as a means to a healthier, more innovative, and just society. We are an organization that is strategically different from a single campaign, single protest, or even a single powerful leader. Our experience shows us that change is complicated. We are by design grassroots because every single action and moment of engagement builds to real change. Revolution happens one step at a time. Momentum begets momentum. We help everyone get involved to contribute brick by brick to this movement. It isn?t just dollars to candidates. Or headlines in Newsweek. Or pundits on CNN. Movements require tents on Wall Street and knocking thousands of doors. We don?t take for granted the moments, led by normal people, that contribute to real change. It?s a complicated cocktail and we're redefining how to make change in the 21st Century. Our mission is to overhaul Congress and ensure, via basic income, that the American Dream is alive for anyone who wants it. With your help we can build a movement that demands sensible and innovative solutions for our kids and their kids.
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