(Spendwith Corp)
Connects CO's w/ diverse flexible talent to ensure representation in an evolving workforce DECK: There?s a dynamic shift occurring in the workforce. Companies like google are hiring more freelancers and temp contractors than they are full-time employees. And professionals are increasingly wanting a flexible work/life balance. Because of this shift, companies and professionals are turning to staffing agencies and talent platforms to hire or get hired. Staffing agencies and talent platforms aren't addressing the ongoing issue of companies not being able to access diverse, white-collar talent. As the workforce shifts to a flexible future-of-work, how do companies access the diverse talent emerging that wants to work flexibly? Incluzion offers companies a way to access diverse flexible talent by: 1. Attracting a massive pool of talent, 2. By providing a freelancer marketplace, 3. By providing contract staffing services 4. And by giving professionals a safe-space to discuss flexible work.
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