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Tool for simulating smart contract economies (YC S18) Incentivai is a tool for simulating smart contract economies. Getting economy-based systems (e.g. prediction market, DAO, insurance) right is extremely difficult. How to reward/penalise users to prevent exploits and ensure resultant behaviour is as expected? Today, teams resort to theoretical analyses based on strong assumptions about user objectives and rationality. That approach, while insightful, is very time-consuming and potentially very unreliable. The Incentivai approach is to simulate a large number of scenarios. Bad actors are modelled using ML agents who can explore the system in search for possible exploits and clever ways of maximising their profits. Good actors' objectives model relevant aspects of human behaviour: risk aversion, speculation, imperfect information. The Incentivai tool allows designers to observe how performance of their system changes as they vary assumptions about human behaviour, discover new possible exploits and iteratively improve the design.
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