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Meet the first rich media caller - add texts, stickers, and type of conversation to default calls! Join those who already know the value of real voice calls. SPECIFIC CALL TYPE: Urgent call that needs to be answered now? Business issue? Something personal? Or even confidential, to talk privately? Define the context a priori to talk in the most suitable time & setting. MESSAGING MEETS CALLING: Could you ever imagine calling and messaging at a time? Now that’s possible - add intriguing texts, introductory info, or any message that will ensure your call will be answered. STICKER GALLERY: Share emotions even before hearing “Hello!” with a bunch of fascinating stickers. Regular gallery updates! FULL ADDRESS BOOK: All your contacts are always at hand - the app automatically syncs contacts. How can we make the app even better for you? Drop us a line at support@incaller.org!
Founded date: 2016

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