Digital marketplace which connects patients and integrative doctors or nutrition specialists INMED is a digital marketplace which allows to find an integrative doctor or nutritionist and consult in person or online, get recommendations in a personal dashboard, order the necessary dietary supplements, tests and check-ups. The main difference between INMED and the finding doctors services is in the qualification of specialists. INMED specialists are progressive doctors with a western medical education, who developed an integrated approach to treatment: the examination of genetics, microbiome, biochemistry of each individual person. Such an integrative (combining several most effective methods) approach allows not only to temporarily remove the symptom, but eliminate the underlying cause of the disease altogether. And also it allows to shift the patient's attention from treatment to prevention. Instead of just buying drugs a client gets regular laboratory tests, nutraceutical support, proper nutrition and lifestyle. The services are provided by private specialists and clinics, which are registered at INMED and undergo a thorough examination. The laboratory analysis partner is the country's largest laboratory - KDL. The information partner of the service is the largest biohacking project in Russia with its head - the neurologist, nutritionist, integrative medicine specialist. The unique selling point consists not only of integrative medicine (which is trending now in Russia and around the world), but also of the ability to consult doctors remotely despite legal obstacles. INMEDs main competitive advantage is that we found a legal way to successfully apply those practices to the Russian market. Monetization: - percentage based service fee for each transaction (consultations, purchases of examinations, tests, dietary supplements); - a fixed monthly subscription based payment for the placement of clinics; - corporate package deals (type of additional insurance). Customers: - patients; - clinics; - companies.
Member count: 1-10