Solving the speed reducer problem in robotics The Archimedes Drive is a ground-breaking invention in gearbox technology, available for all kinds of robotic applications. The heavy, bulky and expensive speed reducer has plagued robot development for decades, but we have finally found a solution to all problems. We have created the first speed reducer that does not rely on gear teeth to transmit force. Our drive only consists of smooth, rolling elements, transmitting force through traction with our patented Flexroller technology. The Archimedes Drive is completely free of backlash, which makes industrial robots ultra-precise. It also offers a three times higher torque-to-weight ratio than other drives, enabling robots to do the same amount of work in 40% less time, or become significantly smaller and lighter. And last but not least, we are able to produce the Archimedes Drive for only a quarter of the cost of existing gearboxes, due to the simplicity of the components that look like ordinary roller bearings.
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