For more than 60 years, IMMI® has been the industry leader in the design, testing and manufacturing of advanced safety systems, operating from world-class headquarters on a 70-acre campus in Westfield, Ind. IMMI was founded in 1961 as Indiana Mills and Manufacturing, Inc. With four employees and two sewing machines, the company manufactured and distributed seat belts for automotive applications. Today, IMMI has grown into a global company that specializes in bringing innovative customized safety solutions to people throughout the world, with facilities in North America, Mexico, China and Europe. An ongoing dedication to “Bringing Safety to People” is the hallmark of the company, and this commitment continues today as IMMI pioneers the latest generation of advanced safety systems. With the vision of a safer future for every child and adult riding in a vehicle, IMMI produces hundreds of innovative products for various sectors. IMMI products are found on commercial, industrial, military and emergency response vehicles, as well as on school buses, motorcoaches and child restraints.
Founded date: 1961