ImagineMD is a tech-enabled provider of healthcare services that lowers cost and improves outcomes ImagineMD is a technology-enabled healthcare company that puts patient care first. It changes one key thing?the way primary care services are reimbursed?and in doing so changes everything about the way primary care is delivered. In moving from a fee-for-service model to a subscription model, ImagineMD has finally found a way to provide the kind of access and quality of care that 21st century medicine has promised but has consistently failed to deliver. By staffing academically-trained physicians in handsomely-appointed offices with anxiety-reducing decor and supporting them with cutting-edge technology that brings big data from disparate sources into the exam room itself, ImagineMD delivers vastly improved customer service, clinical outcomes, and financial results. Because of one simple change?charging a flat monthly membership fee?we?re able to do the following: 1. Significantly reduce the number of patients each of our physicians cares for. Where in the fee-for-service healthcare ecosystem each primary care physician takes care of an average of 2,300 patients, at ImagineMD, each physician takes care of no more than 600 patients. 2. That enables us to schedule same- or next-day appointments, two-hour new patient appointments, one-hour return appointments, and offer 24/7 access directly to each patient?s own physician via a secure electronic portal and virtual visits. 3. This enables ImagineMD physicians to dramatically increase the scope of services they?re able to provide, as well as the quality of those services, which reduces the amount of unnecessary healthcare overutilization (estimated at 30%) outside of?downstream from?primary care, which significantly reduces the total cost of healthcare.
Member count: 1-10