Real-time image optimization, global storage & delivery UPDATE - We are expanding beyond image optimization. Building products for other forms of media and web performance. We are hiring for the same. Do check our job openings! Our first product at makes image optimization and transformation dead simple. It works in real-time, optimizes image size by over 30%, doesn?t require any changes to a company?s current infrastructure and is very economical even at scale. 5-minute integrations with popular platforms like AWS S3, HTTP servers, Magento, Wordpress etc. even if you have millions of images. With, you get features like - Automatic image optimization for an instant 30%+ performance boost - Real-time URL-based resizing and other transformations - Intelligent cropping - Device-based image size restrictions - GIF and PNG optimization - Automatic WebP support - CDN (can be integrated with your existing CDN as well) - Unlimited thumbnail storage - Website analyzer for image optimization
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