We create clean and innovative hair care products and tools for women to empower women HAIR IS A REFLECTION OF OUR IDENTITY THAT IS BOTH PERSONAL AND PUBLIC. ikoo is innovative & high-performing Boring doesn?t exist in our dictionary. As a brand, we are always challenging ourselves to find that new or surprising product. Led by a detail-oriented founder, we carefully curate products from outside in, making sure the design and formulations are equally important as delivering visible results. ikoo is clean & free At ikoo, we believe innovation does not stop with design or form but is also reflected in the ingredients that we use to formulate our products. Using natural ingredients as a base, we don?t care if the formulations use synthetics, it just needs to be safe, clean, and high-performing. With this unbroken belief, we seek to create products that do not harm humans and animals, insects included. That is our freelosophy.
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