IKnock Smart Lock

Smart lock as a service Use your phone to control access to your premises from anywhere in the world. All your properties in one app under the reliable protection of the iKnock lock system. Don't waste time and money on the road! iKnock is an electronic lock that is installed on the front door, together with a mobile app to control it. iKnock is integrated into your door's existing mechanical lock, meaning you don't need to carry out any damaging work or remove your conventional lock. You can install as many locks as you like if you own several rental or sales properties, and you can also issue up to 100 keys for each lock. Manage your keys and locks via a mobile app that also lets you view the lock's battery level, track unlocked doors and provide various permissions to tenants, realtors, cleaners and other people you would like to grant premises access to. GET YOUR DEVICE FOR FREE Subscribe to any iKnock plan and get your device for free. FREE INSTALLATION Purchase any plan and get your iKnock device installed and configured for free by our technical specialists, whenever suits you best EARLY BIRD BONUS Order iKnock before 31.05.2020 and get free maintenance and charge control for the entire duration use.
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