local crowdsourcing to students ikkai.com targets 57 million Japanese workers subject to stress and depression by allowing them to get those painful everyday life tasks done by local students. We conducted a successful beta test in Fukuoka with more than 100 students and 50 clients. We released our new platform 3 weeks ago and already have more than 200 students registered, number increasing exponentially. Our team includes the 2 founders, both graduated from a top Business school in France with previous startup experience. We recently hired our first full-time employee (Japanese), specialized in web-marketing and customer acquisition. We are being advised by the current COO at AIR Japan, en-japan inc. ikkai?s story has also been covered in many media (see articles) and we are being strongly supported by Fukuoka city?s government who trusted us to be the recipients of the first startup visa in Japan.
Member count: 1-10