Growth Hacking: Cyber-marketplace insertion, re-entry, and growth IGNITE drives innovative revenue programs for tech startups! Get your tech startup running with lead generation, business development, and technical marketing all right here! IGNITE has everything your startup needs, just insert your engineering and development teams. Sales IGNITE maintains a team of senior commission-based, technical salespeople specializing in Cybersecurity and business productivity software. IGNITE is ready-to-go with bleeding-edge buyers ready to see "The next hot commodity" (you) Partnerships The IGNITE alliance commands one of the largest networks if industry players. If you need partnerships or connections we can make it happen. Marketing IGNITE Cyber has 2 active web properties that command the focused, captive audience of the entire Cybersecurity marketplace; The decade-long industry standard for DLP (data loss prevention); testing, Proof-of-Concept testing, product tuning, demonstrations, and quarterly DLP audits. has been written into multiple market leader's training for internal and partners for 7 years! We help more than 5,000 businesses perform more than 18,000 DLP & CASB tests per month. The world's only easy and instant email self-pen-test (self security test) that gives real results and guidance to secure email. More than 500 businesses test and tune email security every month on Here are some popular projects we are working on; 1) CWRT -Cyberwarfare Research and thinktank group 2) CSOC -CSO Consortium, an exclusive collection of hundreds of CSOs from around the world meeting to discuss key industry topics 3) PickAxe -Crypto-mining detection auditing 4) ShadowFire -Shadow IT Alert and auditing system 5) 3-DNS Virtual Internet Project Come help us build the future! No Debt! Open to strategic partnerships and investors who are after aggressive results in the middle of global financial crisis.
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