Kluster Wolf

Building partnership for the Mexican market of disruptive technologies and innovations Kluster Wolf (part of Grupo Gax, +20 years), is a commercial representation business operating nationwide in Mexico. It is incredible they world we live in, the passion and emotion, constantly generated thorough the ?disruptors?, the empowering of creativity and the weapon of unique ambition of perusing a completely new ?vision, shattering the ?status quo?. Basically, the problem we solve is the challenge our potential clients have in keeping up and implementing the new & best disruptive innovations & technologies. Technology is changing customers and employees. The risk of not adapting fast enough is becoming one of the biggest problems for companies. That is why Kluster Wolf is created. Kluster Wolf emerged because of the need for the accelerated growth of the Mexican market and the need to cope with the ever-changing technologies. How? We identify disruptors, with a success track, on a global scale, clearly with an intense progress approach, in order to bring them to our market, we become their commercial hand, with almost no risk and investing from them to open a new market. We develop reseller-ship opportunities. We have the know-how & who, and one of the best teams. Access to C level (and owners) in the private sector & government*. A vertical integration solution according to the client?s challenges and needs. For the partner: Penetrating and gaining market share, with a lower investment and no risk as they enter a new market. A business model based on results. Professional team with experience and network and with special focus on sales. Access to C-suite level clients in the private and government sector. Being among the first companies to offer these cutting-edge solutions in the Mexican Market, or surpassing the existing ones. Know who & how; Maximum effectiveness and tangible, measurable results with the mission of establishing long term business relationships
Member count: 51-200