Gender-fluid, recyclable, offbeat design street wear. Instagram: @idlecorpuniform IDLE CORP. UNIFORM is a California-based clothing brand and creative team. Our gender-fluid streetwear features offbeat materials and loose-fit design. We intentionally use (mostly recycled) synthetic materials in an attempt to achieve a "plastic look". The concept is a naive look into the future of street style mixed with irony over modern ideas about beauty and sexuality. Our core philosophy is based on the idea of metamodernism. We?re embracing naivety and irony at the same time, to the point where the difference between them becomes unclear. In today?s fast-changing social norms, cultural flows and layers our goal is to expose beauty behind what, at first glance, may not seem attractive. To look beyond the conventions of what?s considered ?beautiful?. We?re aware that this may sound idealistic and a little wide-eyed, but we?re not scared of looking stupid or being provocative. Because we?re doing it sincerely. We don?t just make clothes. We foster big ideas. And each of our ideas is revealed in a dedicated visual story that we call a series. A series can be anything. A film, a special event, a performance. The clothing that we produce just carries part of the idea. It?s intended for those who want to get involved.
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