All-in-one toolbox for propelling business ideas There are tens of millions of people that have brilliant ideas and a drive to start their own businesses. But, most of them lack direction, guidance, and support on their journey, so they soon become overwhelmed, discouraged, and lost. Statistics say that on one person that starts a business, there are at least three other aspiring entrepreneurs that give up along the way. We are here to change that. IdeaBuddy is an innovative business planning and modeling software that helps aspiring entrepreneurs to create a business model, develop their ideas, validate the concept, and get a beautiful business plan. All of this comes with a step-by-step guide and relevant examples. The tool is simple, easy, and fun to use! Our target customers are: - Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners - Accelerators and incubators - Business schools and universities - Product managers - Consultants and accounting agencies Main features: - Structure your idea and cover all the major points on a business canvas, which lets you brainstorm easily with friends and partners. - A step-by-step guide takes you through all the development stages, from initial idea to execution, so you don't skip any important details. - Forecast your performance and create realistic profit and cash flow projections for once the business is up and running - The algorithm calculates the final score for the idea and gives recommendations for improvement. Users can share the concept with friends, in a simple format, to get their feedback and rating. - IdeaBuddy documents the entire idea and creates an internal business plan, which can be presented to partners and potential investors.
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