HyVIDA Brands Inc.

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Beverage Technology Platform - scalable infusion of hydrogen antioxidants into beverages HyVIDA was founded by MedTech entrepreneurs after researching the amazing health benefits of molecular hydrogen gas (H2). Consumers desire beverages enhanced with health function and hydrogen is an ideal beverage enhancement. Hydrogen infused waters are popular in Asia and gaining traction in the USA. HyVIDA developed a platform technology that enables the ubiquitous infusion of hydrogen & magnesium into any beverage. This significantly differentiates HyVIDA from any beverage company. HyVIDA launched the World?s First Hydrogen & Magnesium infused Sparkling Waters, giving unique functionality to a booming beverage category. Interestingly, it?s the taste of HyVIDA?s sparkling water that people love the most. The added hydrogen and magnesium deliver lighter bubbles and a higher pH, giving HyVIDA a smoother more refined taste experience. With: ? 4 patents pending (lowest cost manufacturing methods, equipment, chemistry), ? our own functional sparkling water brand gaining traction (1,500+ locations now and targeting 2,500+ Summer 2020), ? 3x revenue increase in 2019, ? a pipeline of licensing deals (that improve ROI and cashflow), ? and the World?s first hydrogen powder mix coming this Summer (imagine powdered Gatorade enhanced with effervescence and hydrogen antioxidants), HyVIDA is a scaling seed-stage Beverage Technology company. Molecular Hydrogen Gas (H2) Hydrogen is backed by 1200+ published medical studies and being researched at leading hospitals (e.g., the VA hospital and Harvard Medical school for various neurological disorders and traumatic brain injury) and is approved by the Japanese PMDA for treating post-cardiac arrest syndrome. As the lightest molecule, H2 penetrates the blood-brain barrier, gets into the mitochondria and acts as a cell signaling modulator to reduce oxidative stress, while regulating inflammation to a healthier state. The result, is mood improvement, anxiety and stress reduction, improved cognition, allergy suppression, gut h
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Total raised: $1.4M