Allows user to compare and apply for mortgage across the world in under 10 minutes The average customer uses traditional brokers, who are biased by the commissions offered by the banks. Due to lack of knowledge (and complicated jargon) and to save time customers are following strictly their advise, often obtaining deals that are not the best for their needs. At Hypomo we believe the process should be centred around the customers and their experience, meaning fair, quick and engaging the least amount of time possible. Completely online brokerage service is the answer. The main difference between us and Traditional brokers are that we centre the whole process around the clients and their experience: 1. Our employees are incentivised based on the customers rating, and not commission. 2. We are completely online, so you can apply anywhere anytime for your loan with simplified processes and "customer-friendly" language. You can get the first rates in under 10 minutes. 3. We are Europe friendly and aim to make mortgages borderless.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $25K