AirBnB for Out of Home Advertising HYGH is a peer-to-peer advertising network and content management system that connects owners of public displays with brands. Managed through an easy to use app, the HYGH platform empowers everyone to become an advertiser, regardless of budget or company size. Any business can power up a screen and earn passive income by running advertisements in their shop, hotel or restaurant. Most Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH) is expensive and inflexible. Most spaces require a high minimum screen buy-in and must be booked far in advance, limiting spontaneous ads. Screen ownership is largely unclear, with a lack of clarity in how to book a campaign. HYGH aims to bring affordability and order to the market. DOOH advertising has experienced exponential growth despite being in its relative infancy. OOH media revenues worldwide increased by 13% in 2018 with the U.S. estimated to expand by more than 10%. In actual dollars, that?s more than $3 billion in the U.S. and $13.4 billion globally.
Location: Germany, Berlin
Member count: 11-50
Phone: Array