Retrofitting old gasoline snowmobiles with hydrogen fuel cells We are developing a pilot program to "upcycle" old gasoline snowmobiles with hydrogen fuel cells and electric motors. We are also supplying (at no profit) renewable hydrogen electrolysis equipment for remote communities to make their own snowmobile fuel using solar, wind and geothermal power. Our initial clients are in the Canadian Arctic (remote First Nations, research bases, industrial sites, military) where fossil fuels must be trucked up from refineries in the USA, then usually shipped or flown in jet aircraft to the site, to be burned for electricity, heat and transportation. This is not only environmentally damaging, it is extremely expensive. We are making use of existing used snowmobile chassis (many without working gasoline engines) to avoid having to ship new chassis up; this saves significant cost. Our vision is to expand into a large-scale hydrogen fuel cell retrofitting service for other older vehicles e.g. Alaskan fishing boats.
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