HybridHELIX Consulting

Transformative consulting & business concierge, looking to combat climate change We are a passionate pre-seed startup looking to make a difference in climate change, employee happiness, and business sustainability despite economic hardship. We have a small group of passionate founders with amazing ideas, strategies, and personalities that need a little help. We are basically a grass-root fueled digital startup with infrastructure, resources, and passion. We are looking for Angel investors to help us with our mission through networking and investment. We offer a full-service concierge service to new entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. We are there as a partner in day by day business development and sustainability. We offer consulting strategies built to increase value by using the latest understanding of organizational behavior research to create job designs that Gen-Z employees can love. We will provide incubation and investment to startups as a B-Corp that focuses on businesses that have the most substantial impacts on climate change. We have ideas ;)
Member count: 1-10