Redefining the way you travel in post-pandemic world! Hurraayy was founded in 2020. We are redefining the way you travel in a post- pandemic world. As travel will transform, we will see changes. But travel will not vanish at all. We believe that in the post pandemic world people will have to be more connected with each other on the travel platforms. They will feel safer when they will travel with their familiar faces. Similarly same this goes for adventurers and travel activity seekers too. Group adventures were fun and it will continue to be so, but as long as travellers feel that they are safe with the crowd they are travelling with. Hurraayy is building a travel marketplace where people will feel they are connected as travellers will be able to send connection requests. We will make sure their staying options are ridiculously clean and germ free. Great companies started their journey amid global crisis. We have started our journey too in a global pandemic with a hope that mankind will beat this virus soon and travelling will be safe again. Hurraayy will be the travellers app in the post-pandemic world!
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