Adding Positive values to human life with digital healthcare HurayPositive(???????) is a leading digital healthcare company in Korea, which analyzes the health data of chronic patients and provides customized counseling protocols such as meals & nutrition, medications, and exercise to promote continuous health management. Our strength is also in our experience and data-based technology, and we have provided digital healthcare solution to our customers in digital healthcare ecosystem for nearly 10 years. We are specialized in chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity in NCDs and the effectiveness of our digital healthcare solution was medically verified effect through clinical trials. We have been working with insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals to provide the continuous healthcare service in their everyday life. This empowers patients? self-management, promote patient-centered care, and shift the paternalistic patient-doctor relationship to mutual participation. Our goal is to provide the digital healthcare solution that improve the quality of life and health while decreasing medical and social costs for chronically diseased patients.
Member count: 11-50