Measure, manage and hire for culture at the individual, team, and corporate levels Summary Humantelligence (?HT?) is a SaaS based platform enabling its customers to accurately measure ?Culture? at every level of their organizations; from individuals, to teams, to the overall corporate culture. Opportunity Measuring and managing corporate culture remains a challenge for companies. Team leaders have difficulty or, in many cases, simply cannot articulate the culture of the people they work with every day. Historic hiring methods and processes can prove ineffective and in the long run, costly. Solution HT?s solution allows customers to develop culture insights that drive optimal performance and employee engagement, as well as to hire for culture fit and predictive success. HT?s customers have achieved a significant reduction in turnover and have streamlined their recruiting process by up to 80%. HT has successfully demonstrated a proven impact with its customers across various countries and business sectors as evidenced by the traction achieved in its launch phase.
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $3.8M

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