Infilect Technologies
Catalog of Shoppable Inspirations Huew is a catalog of shoppable inspirations. Huew, a B2C destination, caters to the millennial generation and working professionals who are in constant search of inspirational content. Huew, thus, builds upon the existing consumer need of discovering inspirational content (fashion, travel, home-decor, food) and provides a superior experience to inspiration discovery by making every inspiration shoppable. If Amazon is a catalog of products, Pinterest is a catalog of ideas, Huew intends to build a catalog of shoppable inspirations. Huew is built on three key trends: distributed content generation, inspiration content consumption, advances in AI and deep tech. Huew has a strong connect with influencers as its distribution partners and applies deep learning on images and videos to index thousands of shoppable inspirations. Huew has focused on fashion as its first domain and has achieved instance delight with initial consumer base of 50K MAU (expanding into travel domain, global markets).